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Application postmarked by: April 1st, 2024

For the spring of 2024, we will be awarding 3 scholarships. One will go to a Central Mass Field Hockey player, a Central Mass Swimmer, and the third will go to a Nashoba High School student. That is the plan at least, in the past we have given out more than 3 because we've had so many amazing applicants. Michelle loved these two sports and we feel that this is a great way to reward someone who embodies Michelle's passion towards these sports. You don't necessarily have to be outstanding at the sport but someone who embodies a team player, who gives their best and always has a positive attitude.

For the Nashoba award, this goes without saying that Nashoba HS was a huge part of her life. School choicing her to Nashoba was the best thing we did coming back from Ireland. The Nashoba community has been nothing but amazing through all that she went through. Everyone welcomed her with open arms and continued to support her through her fight. Nashoba has gone above and beyond to fundraise and hold events to remember our Michelle. We couldn't be more appreciative. Although Michelle would have graduated in the Spring of 2017, we want to keep her memory alive at Nashoba. Therefore we will be awarding a scholarship to a Nashoba High School student.

Please click the "download" button above for the application. If you have any trouble at all, please contact us @ Thank you for applying.

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